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New Zealand.
It makes our eggs.

When it comes to growing tasty, nutritious eggs, nature gets things just right. In fact it has been doing so for thousands of years and Frenz plans to keep it that way, fresh air, green pastures and happy hens.

Naturally healthier
eggs from genuine free range hens.

All Frenz hens are free to roam outside without restriction. The outdoor environment gives our hens natural immunity to fight diseases so unlike caged hens they don't require antibiotics to keep them happy and healthy.

Our genuine free range chooks have access to varied green plants and insect sources that provide healthy fatty acids, natural Omega's, high levels of protein and less saturated fat. Hens that eat healthy pass these benefits on to you and you family via their eggs.

They're free to do exactly what comes naturally - dust bathing, pecking at everything and taking a break under shady trees. When the sun goes down, they head back to warm, safe sheds to nest and lay their eggs.

  • Free to roam on
    open pastures 24/7
    all year around.

  • Sustainably
    operated and
    locally owned.

  • Free to grow naturally
    in small flocks
    without antibiotics
    or chemicals.

  • Free to forage naturally
    on nutritious green
    pasture in clean fresh air.

Frenz – the original free range pioneers

Early in the 1980’s, mates Graeme Carrie and Rob Darby realised Kiwis wanted a wholesome, humane alternative to caged, battery eggs. Starting from humble beginnings it didn’t take long for the demand of their superior tasting eggs to grow, and so, in 1989 they formed the New Zealand Free Range Egg Company (Frenz), setting world-leading free range standards in the process.

The hens never had it better, and so did NZ customers, because at last they could choose nutritious, flavoursome eggs at their supermarket. In 1991, Frenz became New Zealand's first exporter of free range eggs, and with the word spreading about these good eggs, millions have been flown to the US and Hong Kong ever since.

To bring you the best natural food you can trust, we now harvest and mill GE free Organic Maize here in New Zealand. Unlike some of the big suppliers, who run both ‘free range’ and caged farms, we only farm genuine free range – producing healthier eggs from happier hens. With three decades of sustainable farming experience we’re sure our standards are best for the hens and farms they forage on.

Our farmers make the difference.

Although Rob Darby, has his own free range organic flocks, he couldn’t possibly keep up with demand all by himself. So Frenz partnered with farmers who are as committed to raising happy, healthy hens as Rob is. Frenz are proud to introduce this dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable bunch. Good eggs, every one.

Click here to meet our farmers and see where your eggs come from.

Rob Darby, Pukekohe, NZ