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New Zealand.
It makes our eggs.

When it comes to growing tasty, nutritious eggs, nature gets things just right. In fact it has been doing so for thousands of years and Frenz plans to keep it that way, fresh air, green pastures and happy hens.

Our hens.

From day dot, our hens are the happiest on earth. Day-old chicks are lovingly raised with all the care and attention little ones deserve and grow into healthy chooks with the freedom to roam naturally.

Sure, our chooks have modern sheds to protect them from the elements when they need it, but not only do our hens never see the inside of a cage, they are never locked inside. Our chooks are free to come and go out of their sheds as they please twenty-four hours a day.

Not all free range hens are this free range.


Our eggs.

The hens’ natural body clocks see them up and at ‘em at 4.30 in the morning. As they say, the early bird catches the worm! They start their day by heading outside in the pre-dawn light to forage.

In addition to the yummy mix of grain they have to eat, and the cool, clear New Zealand water they have to drink, they are free to forage in acres and acres of sustainable, spray free, nutritious green pasture and clean fresh air.

Our hens are constantly on the go and research proves this means their eggs have all the health benefits of exercise and a varied diet – higher natural protein, higher Omega 3 and less saturated fats. Simply better for you.


Our Eggs

Frenz – the original ‘good eggs’

We began farming free range hens in the early 1980s and have pioneered genuine free range eggs in New Zealand ever since.

We’ve always provided our hens with a life the way nature intended, to produce the most tasty, nutritious eggs in the whole wide world. Our passionate farmers put their heart and soul into their land and flocks. Today we have 20 FRENZ farms around New Zealand’s North Island.


Our farmers make the difference.

Although Rob Darby, has his own free range organic flocks, he couldn’t possibly keep up with demand all by himself. So Frenz partnered with farmers who are as committed to raising happy, healthy hens as Rob is. Frenz are proud to introduce this dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable bunch. Good eggs, every one.


Rob Darby, Pukekohe, NZ