Enter the flock code on your carton to track your eggs back to the farm. Or meet all our dedicated Frenz farmers.

Frenz facts.

All the natural goodness from the soil, grass, bugs and worms keeps our hens diet varied and ensures they are happy and healthy so they can produce the very best eggs.

  • Free to roam 24/7 365 days.

    From day dot, our hens are the happiest on earth.

    Sure, our chooks have modern sheds to protect them from the elements when they need it, but not only do our hens never see the inside of a cage, they are never locked inside. Our chooks are free to come and go out of their sheds as they please twenty-four hours a day.

    Not all free range hens are this free range.

  • Free to grow naturally in small flocks.

    Small flock sizes of up to 1500 birds for Certified Organic & up to 2000 birds for Certified Free Range means our Hens are able to be constantly on the go.

    Research proves this means their eggs have all the health benefits of exercise and a varied diet – higher natural protein, higher Omega 3 and less saturated fats. Simply better for you.

  • Free to forage.

    In addition to the yummy mix of grain they have to eat, and the cool, clear New Zealand water they have to drink, they are free to forage in acres and acres of sustainable, spray free, nutritious green pasture and clean fresh air.

    Sustainability is determined by the hens. It simply means the land can sustain them every day year in and year out because they are not overcrowded.

  • Locally owned.

    FRENZ eggs are produced on Family Farms in the North Waikato and Northland Regions. They are loved and enjoyed in all sorts of places – from the tip of New Zealand to the bottom, and all the way to Asia and beyond.

    Here at FRENZ we believe in keeping it real. The more natural life our chooks lead, the better their eggs will be for you.

  • Your safety.

    FRENZ uses a top-of-the-line shiny machine to ensure the very highest standard of food safety is adhered to making our eggs ‘Kitchen Safe’.

    The advanced egg grader at our pack house in Pukekohe loads eggs into place and sends them through a firmbut-gentle wash, followed by a natural sanitiser and ultraviolet light to make sure there are no bugs hanging about on the surface of the egg shell to creep into your kitchen. Each egg is inspected by an egg-xpert, with any that don’t meet our high standards discarded.

  • Biogro organic certification.

    All Frenz eggs are Certified Free Range. We also produce Certified Organic eggs (where the hens’ feed is 100% Certified Organic).

    These are regularly audited & independently certified by BioGro and inspected by the Ministry of Primary Industries, to the highest standards.

    Discover Frenz Organic Certification here

  • Free range certification.

    The FRENZ Certified Free Range Standards are formed on the natural behaviours of birds, including three critical necessities that should define “free range” in New Zealand:

    1. Hens having access to the outdoors 24/7
    2. Maximum 500 birds per acre
    3. Maximum 2000 birds per flock

    Discover Frenz Free Range Certifications here

  • 100% Traceability.

    Frenz Eggs are graded flock by flock meaning we can track each egg from our farms to your plates all around New Zealand (and the world).

    You’ll find a flock locator above the best before sticker on all Frenz packs.

    Check out our flock locator here to see where your eggs were laid!